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Keeping in touch with your loyal customers is vital to building your brand loyalty. Deliver personalised email campaigns to your customers with Weka Online.

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Email Marketing is the process of keeping in contact with your customers and potential customers on a regular basis via well-written emails.
Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of keeping in contact with your customers and potential customers on a regular basis via well-written emails.

An email marketing system enables you the ability to send emails using a well-developed email template and dynamic variables. A dynamic variable gives you the option of adding in your customers’ individual information, giving the email a personal touch. An example of a dynamic variable is the customer’s first name, giving you the ability to write Hello [first name], to each customer with only one email.

Email tracking will give you an insight into how the customer responded to your email, such as:

  1. Did the customer open the email?
  2. Did the customer click on any of the links?
  3. If so, what links did the customer click on?
  4. Customer interaction information will help you determine the next follow-up action, such as a phone call or another email.

Why do we need this?

Communicating with your customers on a regular basis is important; it shows that you care about them. As a business owner, you lead a very busy life and you need the most effective form of communication to communicate with your customers on a regular basis.

Email marketing gives you the ability to write unique, important emails to your customers in the most effective way possible.

Some of the positive reasons why you need email marketing include:

  1. Increased revenue from existing customer base.
  2. Improved communication with your customers.
  3. Very cost-effective form of advertising.

How will email marketing help my business grow?

Selling to an existing customer base is more cost-effective compared to marketing to potential customers. Statistics show that it is seven times easier to harvest those low hanging fruits – the customers and people you have already!

If you are not keeping in regular contact with your customers, you need to ask yourself, ‘Are my competitors?’

What are the steps involved in setting up the email marketing system?

# Steps Timeframe
1 A Weka Online consultant will sit down with you and plan out an effective email template. 1 Week
2 Weka Online will install a copy of our email marketing system on our server. 3 Days
3 Weka Online will test the email template on all major email software & apps to ensure the template works. 3 days
4 A Weka Online consultant will provide one-on-one training on how to write an effective email and how to use the Weka Online email marketing system. 1 Day

What do you need from me?

  1. Input into the design of the email template
  2. A list of customers grouped by customer type (we can provide a template)
  3. Nominated staff for training
  4. A list of systems you require the email marketing system to communicate with

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